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I see the smile on your face :)

#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

Brand new stock clearance, with instant RM5 rebate*!

Previously there were still brand new items in stock - but never really got the chance to let go of these pretty babies.

Right now, clearance SALE (the 4 letter word that every girl loves) again! Get an instant RM5 rebate* if you spend RM50 & above! Everything must go!

If you prefer items from preloved alone, you still can get the RM5 off*! In the end, it's all up to you!
*in a single transaction of RM50 & above - items from both preloved and brand new stock can be mixed.

For easy viewing, brand new items in stock are uploaded in a Facebook album. If you've got any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email! We will try to respond to you as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

BRAND NEW: Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color (Light Golden Brown)

- Brand new, never opened.
- RRP: RM20.90 (Tesco price)


BRAND NEW: Liese Bubble Hair Color (Ash Brown)

- Bought this about 2 years ago but didn't use.
- Never opened.
- RRP: RM36.90


BRAND NEW: Juicy Couture (replica) iPhone 4/4S case

- Something similar to this with a gel back with this particular design
- There is a slight defect; the gel piece is coming out a little but I personally think you can DIY a little to fix it
- Never used it before, except for taking it out of its box to have a closer look at this case
- Bought from @ RM29 excluding postage




All items on this website are on sale - further reduction of 50 - 90% off the original price / preloved sale price.

Items are as low as RM1*!
*selected items only

Negotiate rationally (i.e. items of more than RM100, or a huge sum in total in a single transaction).

Email if there are any inquiries!


Hey there girlies.

Although this is a little early, but would like to let all of you know (because I am excited) that my preloved items will be up for grabs again in July, and this time, they will be re-priced further!

More items will be added so stay tuned till then :)



Hi girls :)

Just wondering how are you girls doing?

It's been awhile since I've stopped - but right now, I really want to let go my PREmiumLOVED item; LINK. Price inclusive of COD has been changed as well.

However, COD can only be done in July. COD is preferred for this item because there is too much to this whole set, and well, it's expensive so I'd rather pass it to you personally.

So, interested parties are welcome to drop me an email - whether you have an offer to offer me, etc. Of course, if you're buying other things, there will be a discount to the total price.

& no, the whole set will be sold as a set :)


PRELOVED: Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel

- Used once for testing.
- Still rather new.
- Got it at about RM14.90

only @ RM5 RM3

BRAND NEW: Etude House Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch

- Impulse purchase.
- Approx RM7?

only @ RM4 RM2

BRAND NEW: Sasatinnie Wheat Protein Hair Mask

- Use this as a conditioner replacement and you will have a soft hair.
- Still wrapped and sealed.
- Impulse purchase at Sasa.
- approx 225ml

only @ RM10 RM5

PRELOVED: Etude House Yogurt Wash-off Mask

- Used the other parts.
- Strawberry, Apple, Apricot.
- Originally approx RM19.90 for a complete set.
- Benefits: moisturizing with fruity sensation.

All these @ RM10

BRAND NEW: MyBeautyDiary Hello Kitty facial mask

- Got them when I was shopping in Guardian.
- Impulse purchase, just for collection. Aren't they cute?!

Available in 1) Honey Strawberry, 2) Strawberry Milk.

RM3 RM2 each

BRAND NEW: Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam

All sealed.

Available ones are in picture.

RM10 RM7 each
NP: RM13.90 

PREmiumLOVED: Polymer Clay Set

I bought this whole set out of interest and obsession at that particular moment. Now that I am going abroad and will not be using them, I hope my whole polymer clay set will be gone to the pair of hands of a loving owner.

I loved this dearly, and I hope you will too :)

I spent quite a fair bit on them - from ArtFriend, Craft Haven and Multifilla and they were definitely not cheap, so please be reasonable.

Honestly I am feeling rather berat hati but what choice do I have right? :)

Overview of my very expensive hobby.

Tools: fish hooks for earrings, eye pin (long and short of good and normal quality), keychain rings, studs, loops, etc. Silicon glue (for macarons). Phone straps. There's pluggy too. But aren't in this pic. It's in black and it comes in a bag of 100.
Got them at about..  RM160~? Little did I know these little things costed that much. Oh and this accessory box and silicon glue is RM5 each, from Daiso. Yes my box is only RM5.

Cookie cutters. I am more of a 'heart' person. And yeap there's circles too.
Pink hearts is RM5 from Daiso. The metal hearts and circles are from Multifilla. Altogether about RM25? 

Chalk pastel.
This is definitely from Daiso, so it's RM5.

I've Mungyo pastel chalks too, they are untouched but not sealed. I got them at RM50. They come in 36 colors at about an inch to an inch plus each color.

Btw, you can do the ombre hair too using these pastels :) You can now kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Pattern boards.
This is the pattern boards (I call them pattern boards) that you will roll your clay on to create a waffle texture, etc. Got them at about RM15? 

The clays I've cut with blade with, rolled and mixed. If you see lines, it means it's still in their almost-not-so-perfect original shape. They are of Sculpey brand. If you've seen YouTube videos, you'll know. They are NOT cheap at all. For a set of 10 basic colors, I spent about RM90?

Extra clays.
These are the clays of different, extra colors (transparent, tan, white) that I wanted to try but didn't have the time to. I also got art sand, wanting to make snow cone but oh well :( The ugly horrible packed clay in the picture is transparent. I got it from Multifilla, opened it, and found it to be a little hard. It can be done soft, but it requires a lot of patience and clay softener. For these, I spent about RM10-ish (averagely) for a 2oz clay. So in this, it's about RM55 to RM60 you're looking at.

Brushes and a knife.
Looks like I didn't spend much, but you're wrong. Brushes are both from Multifilla of good quality and Daiso. About RM20 you're looking at.


Not forgetting the most important thing, the base! The acrylic board. For a small measurement of 13 inch x 13 inch, it's RM25! Without the acrylic board, I cannot imagine where else you can roll your clay on..

So if you add them up together..

1) Clay case = RM15
2) Jewellery making kit + silicon glue + case = RM170
3) Cookie cutters = RM25
4) Chalk pastels (Daiso) = RM5
5) Mungyo chalk pastels = RM50
6) Pattern boards = RM15
7) Sculpey clays = RM150
8) Brushes = RM20
9) Softener + varnish + liquid sculpey = RM60
10) Acrylic board = RM25

The total comes up to: RM535.

Honestly, this amount isn't a small amount. And they are in a very good condition.

For this, only COD is allowed to avoid breakage during delivery. This is MY baby, so I hope this will be your baby too.

I am trying to clear all my things, so I hope I don't need to sell my things separately T_T

So, if you're interested in how much you'll be getting this WHOLE awesome hobby set for..

1) Clay case = RM10
2) Jewellery making kit + silicon glue + case = RM120
3) Cookie cutters = RM15
4) Chalk pastels (Daiso) = FREE
5) Mungyo chalk pastels = RM35
6) Pattern boards = RM10
7) Sculpey clays = RM120
8) Brushes = RM10
9) Softener + varnish + liquid sculpey = RM40
10) Acrylic board = RM10

Current offer: RM370 RM350 RM300 inclusive of COD.

Should you have any other offers to negotiate in mind, do email :)

(please bear in mind that all payments must be made fully before COD meet up)

SALE: First Anniversary ♡

In conjunction with our first birthday, we've decided to pick 12 items (mixture of both ready stock & preloved) to go on a special price sale.

All our ready stocks in the clearance folder [LINK] & some preloved items [LINK] have been marked down, but in this post, some of them are marked down further, till below rock bottom prices. Let our loss be your gain (:

♡ 22nd August 2012: 8pm - 31st August 2012: 11.59pm
♡ exclusive of postage fee
♡ email / fill in order form for orders / inquiries

1. Red Sequin Cheongsam (Size L)
bust: 90cm, waist: 78cm, hip: 100cm, length: 92cm, shoulder: 40cm
made of quality silk cotton

was RM60 // now RM45

2. Almond Stripes
bust: 84 - 120cm, length: 80cm

was RM47 // now RM35

3. Almond Skorts
length: 35cm, waist: 64 - 84cm, hip: 94cm
made of blended cotton
*thick quality*

was RM43 // now RM33

4. Shizens Water Drop Essence Hand Cream (RSP: RM68) and Moisture Cleansing Scrub (RSP: RM150)
water drop essence hand cream (hand lotion) | moisture cleansing scrub (scrub, make up remover)
authentic, not pre-owned / preloved

was @ RM55 | RM130 // NOW @ RM40 | RM90
SALE: both @ RM100, inclusive of postage and freebies

5. Sexy Toga Dress
bust: 64 - 92cm, length: 132cm (with strap)
made of cotton

was RM46 // now RM35

6. Diamante Bow Studs

7. High Waisted Checkered Shorts
fits up to UK10


8. nail polishes from SASA (brand new)
reason for sale: impulse purchase (brand new)

1 @ RM3
SALE: RM10 inclusive of postage

9. Kitschen skinny jeans (RSP: RM69.90)
tagged size S, made of thick denim


10. Zara shorts
UK8, worn a few times, still in good condition


11. Cotton On denim-like cotton shorts (RSP: RM49+)
UK8, worn once

was RM25 // now RM20

12. Victoria's Secret Series (eyeliner / lip gloss)
from top left to bottom ;
♡ Liquid Metal | Copperhot
♡ Pink Lemonade | Big Apple | Wondermelon
♡ Red Deliciouos | Slice of Heaven

was RM39.90 // now RM39

PRELOVED: L'oreal Hair Expertise Total Repair Serum

- used twice (definitely still got 99% left)
- didn't take off the cover for the pump
- leave in conditioner / serum for damaged hair
- got it 2 weeks bac
- reason for sale: got another brand
- personal review: it's light weight, and it's pretty good
- RSP: RM33.20 (Caring Pharmacy)

 RM30 RM20 RM10
inclusive of postage
(minus postage, it's only <RM30)

PRELOVED: Forever 21 Basic Plain Tee

- worn once for a competition
- basic tee, casual
- tagged M, fits UK8 - Uk10


BRAND NEW: Emanuel Dirty Pink Dinner Dress

- never worn
- tagged 6 (so I assume its for UK6-ers?)
- sequinned prettily


PRELOVED: MNG Basic Tube Top

- fits UK6 / UK8
- basic tube top


PRELOVED: Light Pink Tank Bodycon Dress

- bought from attireattic
- worn once
- still in good condition


further markdown

hi girls!

even inclusive of postage fees separately, it's cheaper now!

it's our first year anniversary + ramadhan loves for you <3

as for preloved items, get 3rd item @ 50% in a single transaction (:
(3rd item's price must be the lowest / equivalent to 1st & 2nd item)

*valid 31st august 2012*


- worn quite a lot of times (was a favorite)
- still in good condition
- fits UK6 / UK8



Hi candies!

Here's the awesome deal -
FREEBIES when you spend RM10 & above.
FREE registered postage when you spend RM30 & above.
FREE Poslaju when you spend RM50 & above.
FREE Poslaju + FREEBIES when you spend RM80 & above.

How to get anyone of them? Help us to fill in our feedback form :) It is to improve our customer service skills, & more!

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

1. Only for 1 time usage only.
2. For any items.
3. Discounts / promotions are not allowed to be stacked. (eg. current promo + returning customer promo)
4. Prices are strictly non-negotiable as free postage is given. However, you can try :) - depending on your total, etc.
5. Form will be opened until 31st August 2012.
6. Promo code can last till 31st October 2012.

PRELOVED: Max & Co. Cute Tee

- worn once
- fits UK8


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