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#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.


- worn quite a lot of times (was a favorite)
- still in good condition
- fits UK6 / UK8



Hi candies!

Here's the awesome deal -
FREEBIES when you spend RM10 & above.
FREE registered postage when you spend RM30 & above.
FREE Poslaju when you spend RM50 & above.
FREE Poslaju + FREEBIES when you spend RM80 & above.

How to get anyone of them? Help us to fill in our feedback form :) It is to improve our customer service skills, & more!

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

1. Only for 1 time usage only.
2. For any items.
3. Discounts / promotions are not allowed to be stacked. (eg. current promo + returning customer promo)
4. Prices are strictly non-negotiable as free postage is given. However, you can try :) - depending on your total, etc.
5. Form will be opened until 31st August 2012.
6. Promo code can last till 31st October 2012.

PRELOVED: Max & Co. Cute Tee

- worn once
- fits UK8


PRELOVED: Konad Nail Art Stamping Set

*bad lighting*

- inclusive of the stamp, scraper & 2 stamp pads (dance, floral)
- authentic Konad
- got it at approximately RM48
- used once (both dance & floral) - only an image each

RM40 inclusive of postage
(if you calculate it, it's RM34!)


PRELOVED: Brands Outlet No Pictures Please Tee

- 2 sizes available (L - UK8 / UK10, XL - UK10 / UK12)
- both lightly worn, less than 10 times


PRELOVED: Short Sleeved Lab Coat

- suitable for students who are going into college soon doing Chemistry / Biology / Physics / subjects that will require you to go into the lab
- used for less than a year (definitely not more than 30 times)
- reason for sale: graduated from college


PRELOVED: Valley Girl Off Shoulder Spaghetti Strap Gathered Sides Top

- worn once
- gathered sides
- bought from Australia ($14.95)
- AUS M: UK8 / UK10 / UK12


PRELOVED: Brands Outlet I'm Not Bossy... I Just Have Better Ideas! Tee

- tagged size L (UK8 / UK10)
- worn lightly (max 5 times)


BRAND NEW: Label X Black Basic Spaghetti Top

- free size (UK6 - UK8)
- brand new


PRELOVED: MNG Basic Tank Tops

- light pink, teal, sea green, magenta, army green (with logo), black (with word stripes)
- all tagged M except for magenta & black (tagged L)
- all are brand new or worn less than twice / once

1 @ RM10 RM8
ALL 4 (light pink, magenta, army green, black) @ RM30 inclusive of postage

PRELOVED: MyBeautyDiary Orange Blossom & White Lotus Moisturizing Mist

- skin mist (face)
- used once to test, that's about it
- can be considered as brand new
- reason for sale: impulse purchase, never thought if I am a mist user

RM10 RM5

PRELOVED: Paulinda 12 Colors Super Dough Air Dry Clay

- used 3 colors ; red, neon pink & white (as in picture)
- non-toxic, safe for children
- other colors untouched, still wrapped
- got this set from Art Friend, Gardens
- original price: RM26 ~ RM29
- if you need white / other colors you can drop by Art Friend to "top up"
- this is air dry clay, no baking required

RM20 inclusive of postage RM10

PRELOVED: Cross Necklace

- used a few times
- reason for sale: not gonna use it anymore


READY STOCK: Clear Sticks for Piercings

- clear sticks for piercings
- suitable for students, etc
- conceal *unwanted* piercings at workplace, school, etc
- more than 10 packets available


BRAND NEW: Sasa Nail Polish

- all are brand new, just bought it 1-2 days ago
- bought from Sasa
- reason for sale: impulse purchase
- RSP: RM3.90 each
- metallic blue, off white glitter, white moon star glitter

1 @ RM3 RM2
3 @ RM5

PRELOVED: Liese Hair Cocktail

- reason for sale: not gonna use anymore ):
- any other inquiries, do inquire within


PRELOVED: Guess Crown Tank Top

- fits UK6 - UK8 best
- worn once
- authentic Guess
- got it at around RM100ish


BRAND NEW: Yellow Ice Cream Pluggy

- antidust pluggy
- fits all phones / iPod / iPad / iPhone
- tried once


BRAND NEW: Love & Beauty Rose extract makeup cleansing tissues

- makeup remover
- reason for sale: was in a rose craze, impulse purchase
- was approximately RM15?
- bought in Forever 21, Singapore


PRELOVED: Label X Off Shoulder Spaghetti Strap Top

- worn with love
- basic top
- fits UK6 - UK10


PRELOVED: Label X Spaghetti Racerback Tank Top

- worn several times
- fits UK6 - UK8


PRELOVED: Orange envelope purse

- loved dearly
- got it from another blogshop
- faux leather quality
- only defect: that mini thread in picture


PRELOVED: Voir Halterneck Sequin Army Green Top

- fits UK8 best
- worn a few times
- in army green color


BRAND NEW: Glitter Powders/Eyeshadow

- comes in a set of 8 (mixed)
- 3 glitter/shimmer eyeshadow, 5 glitters


BRAND NEW: Bamboo Nanotechnology Squeeze Waist Pant

- definitely brand new without tags
- Instantly slims and trims your midsection.
- covers up unnecessary fats on the body but not flattens your butt
- squeeze body fat and cotton in lower part which make you perfect comfort to wear without any discomfort
- improves your posture and creates a hourglass figure.
- you will look 1 to 2 sizes smaller immediately ; reduces waist line, firms & flattens the abdomen immediately
- originally RM42 w poslaju


PRELOVED: MNG black leather purse / wallet

- used dearly (less than 2 months)
- only defect: the bronze colored thing to open the purse
- awesome material
- originally RM100+


BRAND NEW: Frutti di Bosco travel kit skin care

- skin care kit (toner, moisturizer, cleanser)
- from France
- got it from facial
- smells like kiwi, FRUITS


PRELOVED: Label X Foundation Brush

- not exactly mini, but its around 3/4 of a huge foundation brush
- shape of brush went off 'cause i washed it with olive oil + detergent last time & i didn't have awesome place to let it stand
- used once, but didn't like it cause i was expecting a bigger brush
- somewhat like an impulse purchase & i hoped i would like it
- originally RM20 (still has price tag on it)

RM12 RM5

PRELOVED: Forever 21 Metallic Envelope Clutch Purse

- used for a short while
- loved dearly
- got too many wallets / purses
- originally RM40~


PRELOVED: Cyber Colors Powder Foundation

*ignore sponge picture*
- around 95% left
- sponge will not be included, but will be given a separate sponge if you like


PRELOVED: Clinique Eyeshadow Palette

- used a few times (max twice)
- mascara & sponges not included
- any other inquiries, do inquire within (:


PRELOVED: Orange Bow Pluggy

- used for a short while
- mint condition



Hello everyone!

So sorry for the hiatus but schedule squeezed no time for us to upload new items, etc.

Do wait for our return in mid-July!

We promise you NEW items, NEW layout, NEW style!

There'll be another album for pre-order accessories, where supplies are gotten elsewhere, & it'll be a little more pricey. Definitely nicer than the normal ones that doesn't cost more than RM15-RM20! :)

Like our Facebook page today! LINK

Clearance sale still going on!

1st piece at 5%, 2nd consecutive pieces at 10% each.

as for accessories etc, buy 3 items & more to get postage free! :D

iPhone covers

We manage to bring in some really cute iPhone covers for you iPhone users! LINK TO ALBUM

Some of them are spotted at a way higher price elsewhere so here is where you should get your casings from! :)

Nail art supplies

Don't know where else to get your nail art supplies? Get it here too, it's brand new, & awesome!

Nothing costs more than RM20 with 1200 rhinestones & case :) LINK TO ALBUM


How could we ever forget from where we started off? PRELOVED ITEMS! :) Some of them are brand new & were untouched. Grab 'em to be yours today :)

Also, for other stuffs, rewear them & take good care of them as they were loved dearly & now I won't touch them. They need new owners that will love them as much.

Some of them are still right here in this blog under PRELOVED: tags on posts, and some of them are here: LINK TO ALBUM

Pre-order accessories
[Batch 5 is still opened, till 30th June 2011 at 5pm!]

Some of the accessories are too kawaii for you to not resist its awesomeness.

Accessorize yourself with gorgeous accessories :)

More items will be added soon! LINK TO ALBUM

As for now, enjoy the collection!


Thank you so much girlies for supporting us X

Without you, we won't be surviving till today!

& also thank you so much for the understanding you've given us for the delay, etc.

What's new?

1. Our first anniversary is coming, hint hint.

2. More items will come in after mid July :)

3. Spend RM100 & above in a single transaction to get an instant 5-10% rebate :) exclusive of postage.

4. Stay gorgeous X

PRELOVED: Forever 21 Tweezer Set

- only used the right one for handcraft purposes once
- mint condition
- mini set, great for travelling
- reason for sale: too many tweezers :(


PRELOVED: Branelli Red Rainbow Loop Earrings

- brand new
- reason for sale: too many earrings


PRELOVED: Chamelon Silver Glittery Rose Choker

- used once
- great for *winter* or similar theme prom/dinners
- mint condition
- reason for sale: too many items
- original price: RM20

RM10 RM2

PRELOVED: Purple Skipping Rope

- good exercise *tool*
- reason for sale: no reason to keep it :(


PRELOVED: Diva Portable Loudspeaker Pouch

- carried around once
- still in mint condition
- perfect for iPod/iPhone
- got it at RM30~


PRELOVED: Secret Pearl Eyeliner in White

- slightly shorter than original length cause sharpened
- WHITE COLOR, slightly glitterish
- great for waterlining, inner eye highlight
- reason for sale: got another white eyeliner


PRELOVED: Lemon Sponge phone case

- used for a short period
- in mint condition
- reason for sale: too many cases


PRELOVED: Maybelline x Hello Kitty Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara

- used twice/thrice
- loved dearly
- reason for sale: too many mascaras
- reason to love: HELLO KITTY x MAYBELLINE, limited edition


PRELOVED: Moustache Double Ring

- defected as in picture
- never worn, but accidentally bent it that way
- specially for people with awesome talents to *fix* it back
- not for fussy buyers


PRELOVED: Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express in Brown

- used once
- loved this a alot
- reason for sale: too many mascaras


Reviewed: Shop Like A Celebrity

Candy colored purses got reviewed!

They are indeed RM20 each! :)

PRELOVED: F Block Herve Ledger inspired silk cotton dress

- worn once
- beautiful piece
- awesome material
- UK8 - UK12
- got it at RM50~


BRAND NEW: Clean & Clear compact powder

blooming | natural

- reselling
- both are BRAND NEW
- blooming comes with the box, natural comes without the box (will be nicely wrapped with bubble wrap so don't worry)
RM15 RM5 each

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