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P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

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Prom Night

When prom comes, every girl will start shopping for their dresses.
But! When they buy a dress, it'll only be worn once, which is why you see them here.

So why not get something less than RM100 as you won't use it for more than once?
Where to look for them? HERE, in SIC (:

Mona maxi formal dress
Tagged S, but it perfectly fits girls up to small UK10.
Got it for RM119
It's dark green, and I guess it's a special color, not like the normal BLACK dress.
Look special on your special night.
Letting this go at RM60 RM25

*btw it fits girls with big boobs perfectly*
Length: 125cm excluding strap
Product code: Halter Green

Label X (unknown) cute metallic grey dress
Smocked back
Free size, fits up to small UK10
Length: 85cm (excluding strap)
Got it at RM100
Product code: Metallic
Letting this go at RM49 RM45 RM15

 Cute huge bow with defected stones.

 Cute bow you can tie at the back.

Label X black velvet dress
Suitable for the 1-time-wear event
Free size (fits up to small UK10)
Length: 85cm (excluding strap)
Product code: Velvet
RM17 RM10 RM5

A tiny 'rose' for a formal look. 

& again, ribbon at the back (:


They said it's fancy bra, but I think they can be worn as bikini (:
Oh yes, they are padded.

Tagged as FREE SIZE, but I think it's best worn by people who are sized UK4-8.

RM10/pairRM19 for both!

RM9/pair, RM18 for both inclusive of postage!

Cute floral prints.

 If you wanna be a sailor~ (:

Cosmetics v2

L'oreal Contour Khol - navy
RM19 RM15 RM10 RM5
Reason for sale: if you have seen my previous post, I don't use eyeliner pencil ): Oh yes, never touched this before so it's as good as new.

Cosmetics v1

N7 Amazing Eye Pencil - Brown
N7 is imported from UK.
RM15 RM11 RM10 RM5
Reason for sale: Again, I don't use pencil.

JAYJAYS Mascara Flutter - Colorless with some 'glitter'
Reason for sale: Seldom use this.
However, this is good for coating (:

Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage - concealer
Retail price: RM40+
RM29 RM22 RM20 RM15 RM10
Reason for sale: Never use it at all & it's brand new.

JAYJAYS roll on eye shadow - white and grey
1 @ RM5 ;
2 @ RM9 RM7 RM5 RM3
Reason for sale: I seldom use eye shadow, never used them but I've opened them to swatch. 

If you have any inquiries on these, don't hesitate to mail me at (;

Cross Bellyring

Beautiful belly ring to let go!
RM15 RM10 RM5 only!
I got it for RM20, but I didn't use it anyway because I seldom show my tummy. Haven't use it before! If you want, I can provide an alcohol swab for you for this!
Length from the 'jewel': 5.5cm

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