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Preloved: Valley Girl polka dot shorts

Look at how fine the dots are! A little unique aye :) It's imported all the way from Australia!

I like polka dots, and it's definitely suitable for all polka dots lovers.

A different type of 'button'. Instead, they use something different to tighten it.

Valley Girl, tagged AUS 12, so I guess it's suitable for UK12.

2 side pockets.

&a very cute place to make your belt stay in place. It's 'x', not the normal type.

P/S: I'm so sorry I don't know what are they called. I just hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.

I got this at around AUD29.95 (RM90~) if I'm not mistaken. Yes it's very very pricey :( &I didn't get it during sale either.

I cannot wear this anymore as this is too loose on me and it can fall everytime when I buckle it anyway. Putting belt is not an option for me because I don't like putting on belt.

Never worn. Brand NEW. Except for trying purposes.

So polka dot lovers, grab this today!

RM40 RM39


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