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#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

Reviewed: Shop Wit U

Reviewed by Shop Wit U!

Item(s) reviewed:
1. Gloria - RM59

Reviewed: Fashion Clicks

We've been reviewed by Fashion Clicks! :)

Thanks a bunch!

Items reviewed:
1. Milly - RM50
2. Alicia - RM42
3. Empress Jane - RM49 (sold out)

BRAND NEW: Forever 21 Rocker Studs

All studs are brand new on this stack.

I lost one pair, because I wore it. The rest, untouched.

Pretty rocker studs.

for 11 pairs, originally RM15 for 12 pairs

Delay .

So sorry loves!

Been busy and didn't have time to update, so I promise I'll update soon!

Today's Thursday..

So do expect updates tomorrow! :)

Happy weekend! xx

PRELOVED: Forever 21 Off Shoulder Batwing Long Top Dress

From F21, worn max twice. (but I am pretty sure I wore it once)

For taller people, this cannot be a dress, but for petites, it can be a dress if you don't mind showing your sexy legs! :))

If you mind, you can wear any black or yellowish brown bottom to match with this, as it has a few colors on this apparel.

Really nice prints on the right.

The 'strap' are  not exactly straps anyway.

Tagged S.

Can fit up to UK12.

RM30 RM29

Mid November ;

Hey girls!

Another mini something for all of you!

From now till 14th November (11.59pm), any orders made will be entitled to free postage! :)

The only T&C to this is that, the transaction made must be above RM22!

Happy shopping

Preloved: BUM Halter Beach Top

A very nice pink in fact.

Never worn.

Still in a perfect condition.

Fits UK6 - UK8.


Preloved: Jayjays Black Shorts

Double buttoned shorts for security and fashion ;

With gathered ends visible on right and left thigh ;

A brand new piece, never worn.

Flew all the way from Australia.

Definitely not a cheap piece.

AUS 12 (UK12)

Big UK10 should fit in alright.
(I'm a UK8-UK10)


#2: Slashed

Hey there.

Not exactly bigggg sales, but some items are up for grabs at a slashed price!

For awesome items at a lower price, click HERE.

Do check it out from time to time as not all items are being 'slashed' yet! :))

Enjoy shopping girls!

Brand New: Polka Dot Denim Loopy

Another pair of brand new polka dot 'denim' loopy earrings.

There are some invisible defects.

Didn't check it well when I bought it.

Light stained.

Very hippie styled :))

Like title stated, BRAND NEW.


READY STOCK: Forever 21 Falsies

Pretty pretty falsies imported :)

I forgot to share this for the past few weeks, only to know that it's rotting in my folder.

2 different design, 1 of it is for volume and glam, and another is for natural length.

Design 1, Design 2.

2 pairs available for each design. Really pretty, and really rare.

* inclusive of glue


Preloved: Kitschen Slim Straight Denim with Silver Thread

Another pair of slim cut jeans from Kitschen =)

Slim = skinny? Similar, but not the same :) Skinny hugs to every bump you have on your leg, but slim cut jeans can hide some. Depending on everyone's leg, some of them may appear like skinny jeans! :)

Never washed more than once, which means, I wore it a few times then wash, and that's about it.

Still considered new.

Handled with care, & was taken care with lots of love.

Tagged S (best fit UK8, but can fit up to small UK10)

(read this before? oh yes you should, 'cause they are similar =))

with postage

(buy both pairs at RM85 inclusive of postage)

BRAND NEW: Label X Brown Shorts

Brown shorts.

Brown is also another neutral and down to earth color, which suit almost every color.

My personal favorite: baby pink tee and brown shorts =)

Instead of black shorts, swap it with brown for another new look.

Somehow I think they kinda match each other.

Never worn before anyway. BRAND NEW, but washed once. 'cause when I got it, I threw it into the washing machine so.. yeah.

Fit UK8 - small UK10.


READY STOCK: Blue One Piece Dress

A really nice casual piece for any girl.

A must in a closet. What if you're rushing for a date? Or an outing? Or to uni? This piece is definitely gonna help.

For presentation? Too casual? Add on a blazer and you're good to go! =)

Best part? It looks like 2 piece but in fact, it's 1 piece!

Free size, of course, and can fit up to UK10 =)

(10% / 20%)


BRAND NEW: Bonita Studs

Another series of studs to share.

As titled stated, brand new, never worn.

Flower and USA.

(all sold)

Preloved: Cotton On Jersey Slouch Bag (Black and White Leopard Prints)

Picture taken with my phone, so I don't know how to adjust it well.


BRAND NEW: Natural Clenx Tea

I bought a duo package of this, and I gave up drinking this due to some reasons.

I don't wanna waste it so I hope some of you will be able to help me to finish this instead of letting this go into the bin for no reason.

I read a lot of reviews regarding to this product, and it works pretty well on almost all girls who tried this.

I got 40 teabags in a box, still sealed up. (I took the small box one)

Super new. Got it 2 months ago. This due in June 2014. 3 more years to go!

It's RM57.90 for 50 packets, but now..


Preloved: Diva Colorful Layered Heart

A very cheerful accessory for any girls =)

Look at how the colors really blend and distinguish at the same time?

You know what's the best part?
It's never touched before, brand new.

But of course, the tag has been taken off.

You know how expensive Diva can be.

Length (necklace from 1 end to the other end): 78cm
Diameter (as a whole): approx 5cm


Promotion: Halloween Special

Yes, as title stated, Halloween Special!

Any new orders made via order form or email on this particular day will get free postage!
(T&C: more than RM15, returning or new customers are welcome!)

However, if you spend RM15 and more during this promotion, you are eligible for the giveaway, where the normal minimum amount spent for the giveaway entry is RM20.

Giveaway mini prizes are subject to change, where items will be added and not taken off.

So hurry up and don't miss this chance.

Halloween is once a year!

If you're wondering why there's a special offer on Halloween, it's because someone special to me is having their birthday as well, so I guess it's a good day for a special deal! ;p

Preloved: Element Ladies Cross Back Ruffles Top in White

Another piece I seldom wear.

Wore it once, and that's it.

What a waste right?

Ruffled top, and especially in an awesome color - white. A sexy piece as well.

White is the new black ;p

Tagged L, best fit UK8 - UK10.

Crossed back.

RM20 RM19 RM15

Preloved: Kitschen Slim Straight Denim with Brown Thread

A pair of slim cut jeans from Kitschen.

Slim = skinny? Similar, but not the same :) Skinny hugs to every bump you have on your leg, but slim cut jeans can hide some. Depending on everyone's leg, some of them may appear like skinny jeans! :)

Never washed more than once, which means, I wore it a few times then wash, and that's about it.

Still considered new.

Handled with care, & was taken care with lots of love.

Tagged S (best fit UK8, but can fit up to small UK10)

RM45 RM20

(buy both pairs for RM85 inclusive of postage)

Reviewed: Blogmuffins

Spend It Cheap got muffin-ed by Blogmuffins.

Thank you so much for the muffin.

What are reviewed?

For awesome information, they are still available! =)

A pair of studs is RM3 and when you purchase all 5 pairs, it'll be RM15 inclusive of postage!
&for the blue star necklace, it's RM20 inclusive of postage.

A good good grab for a very simple and casual look.

Whatchu waiting for? ;p

Featured: Shopping Roll

Got featured on Shopping Roll.

Some of the items may still be available. Grab them while you can!

Preloved: Diva Mood Necklace

Really cute butterfly as the pendant. And as the title, the color changes according to your mood! =)

Worn once.

Super new.

Length: 44 - 49cm
Diameter (pendant as a whole): approx 1.5cm

From Diva.


Featured: Fashionista In U

Featured :)

Check out what they have said about us, and what info we have contributed that you pretty girls should know as well.

Don't forget a giveaway is still going on, till November 30th! Shop today and you might get them! You'll be notified on December 1st.

Preloved: Blue Star Necklace

Brand neeeeeeeew.

Be the star of someone.

Blue star? It's cooling yo :)

Another casual necklace.

Length: 78cm
Diameter (as a whole of the star): approx. 2 inch


Preloved: MNG Casual Sportswear Skirt

Wore this a few times.

Very very comfortable.

Cute buttons.

EUR 36, UK8 - small UK10.

Pair it up with a black tee for a very casual day out look :)

Well taken care of.

with reg post

Ready Stock: 'The Ring' Necklace

A very simple yet 'casual' necklace.

The stones surrounding the 'ring' is really pretty. Looks like Swarovski yo! :)

Also, the necklace is quite fine, since the pendant is bold.

Length: 60-68cm (adjustable)
Pendant: diameter of 2.5cm
Material: silver

Only 1 available!


Preloved: Handmade-like Bracelets


A mini announcement ;p

Hey pretties!

Just to let you guys know, we've decided to add something more mysterious into the prizes for the giveaway.

We'll not put it up, but this is available for the first set of prize to giveaway! :)

Also, to join this little giveaway, all you need to do is just spend a minimum amount of RM20 excluding postage and walla, let's see if luck's on your side.

entries will be accepted until the 30th of November, 11.59pm.

'results' will be released on 1st of December, 8pm! :)

so what are you waiting fooooor? :)

Preloved: Loewe Inspired Drawstring Bag

Adjustable strap, plus, it's red. Not the super red but dark red :) I had a thing for drawstring bags.

Buckles designed with the word 'Loewe' on it.

Looks real aye?

Used this maximum twice, and that's about it.

Letting this go because I don't use this anymore :)

Taken care with love, and very very new.

My ideal look: skinny jeans, tank top, flats and this drawstring bag.

Can you imagine it? Very very casual!

A good catch for a low price. Inspired, plus its VERY new! :)

RM28 RM20

Preloved: Earring Studs!

We now have studs available.

I know it's stated preloved, but in fact, it's pre-owned.

So I can assure you that they are all BRAND NEW!

I was obsessed over earrings at 1 moment, and now I am no longer obsessed over collecting them.

Do stay tuned for more earrings, from loopy ones to elegant ones.

You can click on the image for a better view. You can email me for more pictures yea :)

RM3 each pair
RM15 for 5 pairs ; inclusive of reg post! :)

Preloved: Label X Checkered High Waist Shorts

Another unique and non-plain high waist shorts.

Designed with a few non-existent gold buttons.

Smocked so that almost every size can fit.

Brand new.

Never worn except for trying purposes.

I say that this is unique because of it prints. &also because it's smocked, as they are made to fit almost every impossible sizes! Not only that, you can add belt to it as well :)

Fits up to UK12.


Brand New: Label X Green Floral Dress

Here, I now present you a really cute dress! It's smocked, and plus, its quite 'down to earth' dress as well. So green. &we shall goo greeeeeen!


Some brown beads and adjustable straps (by tying).

May I make a note here, this dress is pretty short so it's more suitable for petites.

It'll make you look cute, really XD

For those lucky tall ones, you can wear this as a top. Pair it with tights or leggings and there you go :) Make sure its black =)

Also to note, this is brand new.

I bought this thinking I would look good in this but nahhh, I don't dare to show my skin and I seldom wear dress. Plus smocked dresses don't suit me.

Got it at around RM40~?


Reviewed: Keep In Vogue

Not really a review, but yeah.

You can read them up for discounts & of course include them into the remarks! :)

Also, for the items, you can check them out through the sidebar, I've put them up for easy viewing.

It'll be worth it!

Also, thanks Keep In Vogue.

Preloved: Valleygirl Sexy Sequined Spaghetti Top

Overall look. You can pair this up with denim for a smart casual look, or shorts for an outing on a hot day. (*whisper* clubbing too */whisper*)

Not too much sequins on the outer, because less is best. It's showing some skin, but not too much as well, because of the chiffonlike material near your bust. (I don't know what material is that called)

It's shiny at the same time. Some glitter to shine out =)

Imported from Australia, of course.

Size S, best fit up to UK8.

This top is really pretty. But I don't have the guts to wear all these. And I have a lot of them -_-

BRAND NEW. Since I don't even dare to wear it out. except trying it at the fitting room.

Got it at around AUD 20.

RM33 RM30

*non-nego* but if you pay within 24 hours, do wait for some freebies in your parcel as well :)

To note: postal charge is within RM3 (reg post) - RM4 (PosLaju).

Preloved: Paper Scissors Padded Bodycon Cross Back Top

Padded bust for a bustier look. &you dont need to be afraid of not wearing a bra because it's padded. It looks small because it's bodycon.

The cross back gives a special pinch of sexy, and a bunch of unique.

Imported from Australia.


Preloved: Label X Stripes Cut Off Shoulder Top

It looks quite decent from pictures aye? But this top gives you a chance to show off your skin a little. It has a mini cut off hole on your shoulder =)

A small polka dot ribbon to 'spice' up your outfit. (polka dot + stripes = AWESOME) plus its not a heavy polka dot as well.

There, the mini cut off hole.

It's purple and white stripes! Not the normal black and white =)

Worn thrice, still in good condition.

Free size. Fits up to UK12 (quite big but it'll do)

RM25 RM15

Preloved: Temt Racerback Lace Tank

Its in a quite of an uncommon color, so it's really nice.

Racerback tank which is made out of knitted lace! 
So you can flaunt your sexy back to the world =)

Look at how pretty it is =)

Not only that, I wore this not more than once.

From Australia. (which is why you should get it because it's not common)

Got it around AUD 15? (nothing in Australia is cheap!)

AUS M (fits up to UK10)


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