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#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.


Can I order via SMS / email instead of order form?
It is in fact preferred that you'll fill in the order form accordingly as it'll be easy for me to get all your details in 1 email instead of receiving many emails asking for your details & it'll make your life & mine easier as well. Yes you can text / whatsapp me as well, & from emailing me, you'll get my number :) emails will also be the alternative of order form provided you email me those details (name, contact number, delivery address, items).

How will I know if any of those apparel fits me?
Measure your vital statistics (bust-waist-hips) using a measuring tape then you can roughly know whether you can fit into it. Measurements are in approximate.

How long will you take to post out my items?
It depends after you've made full payment because my schedule is quite hectic. You'll be notified via email or text once posted. Probably within 3 days.

How long will it take the items to reach me?
It depends as well. Check up on postage.

Why are your things so expensive? Especially when it's preloved?
Whether it is preloved or not, it will be stated clearly. Or else, they are all brand new. Most of my preloved items are branded & new / barely wore so please consider.

I really want the item, but it's a little to expensive. Can you please give me some discount?
Preloved items are already being sold at a great loss. However, if you buy more, then maybe a little discount will be given :) & sometimes, there'll be a *sale* for returning customers / followers / subscribers so check your email once in a while!

Are your ready stocks restockable?
So sorry I no longer sell ready stock items, & most of them are already in the clearance folder in the Facebook page here: under clearance folder.

I thought you are Spend It Cheap, why Sugar In Cookies out of sudden?
Well, somehow I've decided to open an online boutique, but I know that handling 2 different blogshops will be a hassle for me so yes, the final decision made with my partner is to throw everything into 1, and slowly convert this to a full online boutique when the time comes.

The clothe I received is not the same as the picture/too short/doesn't fit me. Can I exchange with something else/refund?
In fact, pictures are very deceiving. Lighting, monitor resolution, etc may be the reason. Pictures are from supplier's site, and the apparels are from supplier as well. However if you want to get something that reach your expectations, get something made of chiffon. Plus if it's too short or doesn't fit you, it's not our fault as we've stated every measurement. Plus it's in the T&C that no refunds and exchanges can be made.


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