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P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

Ready Stock: Shizens.

Shizens products - BRAND NEW

Hand cream. Moisture cleansing balm. 

Just like another hand lotion (: Definitely a good use.
Retail price: RM68~
NOW: RM55 RM40 RM10
If you're wondering what is this, this is not an ordinary cleansing balm. It functions as make up remover and also facial scrub. So it's useful.
Retail price: RM150~
NOW: RM140 RM90 RM30

I can assure you that they are all brand new, and are still in the box, except being out of the box for pictures.
&they are authentic from Shizens.

*offer me*

Ready Stock: Authentic Guess handbag

 The label.

The inner compartment. 

They even have 2 side pockets, 1 on the right and 1 on the left.

I think this is gonna be the most important item in this blogshop.

This is assured BRAND NEW.

RM135 RM130, inclusive of PosLaju

*offer me*

Reviewed: Blogshops Reviewer

We were reviewed by Read My Lips recently and yes, we were reviewed by Blogshops Reviewer as well! :)

Thanks a lot Blogshops Reviewer!


Again girls, to remind all of you:

1) postage charge of minimum RM6 depending on weight has changed to flat rate of RM4

2) complimentary item of customer's choice will only apply to customer who purchase more than 3 items

3) prices are only negotiable for pre-loved items (3 items and above)

4) free shipping till 5th of October 2011 :)

Items reviewed:

1. Label X Pink Tank with Details - RM12
2. Valley Girl Polka Dot Shorts - RM40
3. Label X Ruffled Dress Printed with Clincher - SOLD
4. Label X Jenny Polka Dot Dress - RM29

Announcement: Super awesome announcement & reviewed!

Please read.

As of 25th September 2011,

1. Postage fee has been revised by us from RM6 with additional charges depending on weight to a flat rate of RM4. So, no matter how heavy or how light your items are, you'll only need to pay RM4 for postage.

2. We are now here to give you other awesome stuffs besides pre-loved, which is pre-order! Our pre-order range is believed to have wider range as time comes, where each issue will be released every fortnightly, and will be updated fortnightly in every album. So check them all out. The newest will always be at the bottom.

3. 5 days till the last day of free postage, but good news: free postage (PosLaju) has extended to 5th October 2011, provided the total amount is RM19 and above :)

4. We've been reviewed by Read My Lips!

Thanks a lot RML! :)

5. If you purchase more than 3 items, you're entitled to a complimentary item and a mystery gift.

6. If you want free postage from shopping with us, then spend RM80 and above for preloved items, RM100 and above for pre-order items, RM90 and above for a mixture of preloved and pre-order items.

7. If you're Spend It Cheap's every 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, nth customer, you're entitled to either a free postage or 10% off the bill (excluding postage) of the customer's choice. As of 25th September, someone will be the lucky one to be the 10th as we're reaching the first 10th very soon!

8. Also, we don't mind if you're no longer interested in purchasing whatever you've asked for, but please let us know, at least you're not wasting our time. Of course not after you've confirmed your order. Do let us know if you want to extend the deadline as well, this is specially for serious buyers. Any emails will definitely be replied within 24 hours unless stated otherwise.

9. Sold items will be removed for easy viewing.

10. Some items are up for further markdowns (

11. Happy shopping girls xx

Preloved: Label X pink tank

Looks like a normal pink tank top to you huh?

No! Look at the tiny details. It's fully covered by these little cute 'polka dots' :)

So it's rather special!

Grab this today!

Worn once!


Rather worth it for a not so plain tank aye?

Preloved: MNG Suit shorts in black

Double buttons. For security? Hehe.

Tagged EUR38 (around UK10)
I think it'll be lose for small UK 8 so if you're a large UK8, and sometimes can fit into UK10, this will be good ;)

The stitched pocket, where you can't use.

It's made like that at the back of the shorts.

It's MNG Suit! :)

Worn this twice.

Why must I get this? 'cause this shorts is not that appealing and it'll be good for night market visits, or family dinners. &this shorts is also suitable for a classy look.


Don't forget it's MNG Suit!

Preloved: Valley Girl 3/4 denim

Really cute folds that stops right around your knee.

&very cute details around the pockets.

Valley Girl, tagged AUS12 (fits UK12).

Look at the details! How can you not like it!? &also the shape of the pocket. It's a little rare I think.

I got this at a very pricey price as well, around AUD39.95, around RM100+? (around there, I don't know why I still bought it -_-)

It's made of thick denim, and it's not 'denim' to be shown as denim when it's not.

Worn this a few times, and again, I can't fit into this anymore :( It's too big.

RM49 RM42

Preloved: Valley Girl polka dot shorts

Look at how fine the dots are! A little unique aye :) It's imported all the way from Australia!

I like polka dots, and it's definitely suitable for all polka dots lovers.

A different type of 'button'. Instead, they use something different to tighten it.

Valley Girl, tagged AUS 12, so I guess it's suitable for UK12.

2 side pockets.

&a very cute place to make your belt stay in place. It's 'x', not the normal type.

P/S: I'm so sorry I don't know what are they called. I just hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.

I got this at around AUD29.95 (RM90~) if I'm not mistaken. Yes it's very very pricey :( &I didn't get it during sale either.

I cannot wear this anymore as this is too loose on me and it can fall everytime when I buckle it anyway. Putting belt is not an option for me because I don't like putting on belt.

Never worn. Brand NEW. Except for trying purposes.

So polka dot lovers, grab this today!

RM40 RM39

Preloved: Label X mini cardigan

The sleeves are 3 quarter long :)

The sequins were added by my grandma, and she sewed this herself. Truly handmade.

&a very cute bow to tighten it. &if you can see the fine lines, yes, it's the sequins.

It's not very long till your hips, but it's right below the bustline.

A must have for 3 quarter sleeves length lovers ;) it's a cardigan! Plus the sequins were added solely by my grandma's own hands!

Reason to sell: I don't really like 3 quarter :(


Preloved: Zodiac slight off shoulder Tropic Angel

Tropic Angel.

Look at how the sleeve can be? It's slightly one-sided, except that it has a very tiny sleeve. &there's a string you can tie over your shoulder.

Zodiac tagged L, but best fit up to UK8.


Preloved: Ally off shoulder top in pink

Looks huge?

That's why it's supposed to be worn as off shoulder!

Tagged AUS M (so I guess it can fit up to UK12).

When you wear this, you will most probably have this kind of style:

Except that it's pink and without any sequins.

It's made of some stuff which makes it really soft.

Got it from Ally, Australia (AUD9.95).

Never wore this.


Preloved: Label X tube ruffled top dress with clincher

Dress with a little ruffle around your bust and a clincher to define your waist :)

The clincher. 

The flat back view, no ruffles.


Preloved: Label X polka dots Jenny Dress

Adjustable strap.

Polka dots <3 Not this color. It's very turquoise-like like the picture above.

This dress can be pretty short but it's very airy. I like it, but this dress doesn't suit me because I'm too big for this.

Wore this to an event for less than 4 hours.

Got this at around RM45.


Preloved: Cotton On tee (Under The Gun)

Unique prints as well.

Got it from Australia, although it's from Cotton On.

Wore it a few times.

Tagged M, can fit up to UK12.


Preloved: Cotton On turquoise zebra playsuit

A really unique color. Some color that it's rare by the roadside.

Something like halter neck :)

&it's slightly v-necked, so show off your cleavage ladies!

Bought this in Singapore, before they had any Cotton On stores in KL. &I spotted this in Australia (:

It was around S$35 (RM80) last year.

I wore this once.

Tagged AUS M, and can fit up to UK8.


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