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#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

SALE #1: Combination! :) :)

This will be Spend It Cheap's first sale! This will last till everything's gone! :)

Don't forget to support us :) :)

Price shown are inclusive of PosLaju (RM4).

Grab it while stock lasts!

Although you save very little for some, but saving some is better than nothing, right?

If it's stated 2 or more available, it means there are more than 2 of the specified combo available :)

Purchase 2 combos and above and you'll be entitled to pay postage fee once :)

Or spend RM90 and above (exclusive postage) to get free postage.

Is it still 5th October? YES!? It's still the FREEEEE postage period so the amount payable is deduction of postage from the price shown.
Eg;Before: Combo 1 (RM80 + RM4 = RM84) and Combo 2 (RM60 + RM4 = RM64) = RM148
After: Combo 1 (RM80) and Combo 2 (RM60) + RM4 = RM144 
Since the price before postage is already more than RM90, hence, you don't need to include any postage fee! So, the price after reduction and promotion, it's RM140! :) You save RM4 - RM8 on postage altogether.

Don't hesitate to email me at to inquire within regarding to the items you are interested in. Some of them are ready stocks, brand new, and preloved :) After all, it's the first combination sale! :))

We try to cater to your 'shopping' needs and make it affordable as well.

20 awesome different combos for you to grab!


Say whuuuuut!?

Alterations can be made to these combinations, so you are welcomed to email ( me to inquire further!

Happy shopping xx

P/S: The 'original price' is the initial price tendered in Spend It Cheap, not at the price I got it for, etc. It's like a massive further markdown :)

&if you just want 1 item from 1 combo, then you'll be charged the normal price :)

Combo 1: Label X 88 color eye shadow palette + Stage Prime Time Eye Perfection Base + Sponge Brush applicators
Original price: RM50 + RM29 + RM3 + RM4 = RM86
NOW: RM80 + RM4 = RM84 (save RM2)

Combo 2: Candyvess 48 color eye shadow palette + sponge applicators + Stage Photo Pro Creme Camouflage in Sand
Original price: RM30 + RM5 + RM29 + RM4 = RM68
NOW: RM60 + RM4 = RM64 (save RM4)

Combo 3: Etude House Color Me Nude Stick Concealer + Stage Wonderlust Lipstick in Judy + No7 Lifting and Firming Liquid Foundation in New Ivory
Original price: RM12 + RM29 + RM45 + RM4 = RM78
NOW: RM66 + RM4 = RM70 (save RM8)

Combo 4: Shizens Water Drop Essence Hand Cream + Shizens Moisture Cleansing Balm
Original price: RM50 + RM125= RM175
NOW: RM160 (save RM15)

Combo 5: Bow Hairband Polka Dot in Pink + MOD pumps in black and purple
Original price: RM9 + RM30 + RM4 = RM43
NOW: RM35 + RM4 = RM39 (save RM4)

Combo 6: Forever 21 mini menipedicure set + Etude House Nail and Cuticle Balm + Winmax in Peach + Label X in Shattering Black + The Face Shop Fragrant Nail Polish Remover in Blue + Label X in Manicure Glittering Brown
Original price: RM17 + RM15 + RM5 + RM9 + RM8 + RM4 + RM4 = RM16
NOW: RM10 + RM4 = RM14 (save RM2)

Combo 7: Mona maxi prom dress in Teal (UK8 - UK10) + Label X Killer Heels (size 37)
Original: RM55 + RM85 = RM140
NOW: RM130 (save RM10)

Combo 8: Label X Cute Dress in Metallic Grey for Prom (free size) + Nine West Everyday Heels (size 36 - 37) [defects on heels]
Original: RM49 + RM69 = RM118
NOW: RM105 (save RM13)

Combo 9: 6 masks (MyBeautyDiary, MyBeautyScheming, FaceQ) + Clean and Clear (Clear Fairness Series: cleanser, toner, moisturizer) [2 sets available]
Original: RM20 + RM25 + RM4 = RM49
NOW: RM40 + RM4 = RM44 (save RM5)

Combo 10: 6 masks (MyBeautyDiary, MyBeautyScheming, FaceQ) + Clean and Clear (Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser [2 available] or Daily Soft Cleanser or Essential Foaming Facial Wash or Deep Action Cleanser)
Original: RM20 + RM5 + RM4 = RM29
NOW: RM21 + RM4 = RM25 (save RM4)

Combo 11: Ribbon Hairband in Purple + Flower hair tie (Garden or White or Purple) + Bow hair tie (Ivory or Baby Pink)
Original: RM9 + RM6 + RM5 + RM4 = RM24
NOW: RM16 + RM4 = RM20 (save RM4)

Combo 12: 2 pairs of Scarlet Fancy Garments (can be worn as bikini, or undergarments - best fit UK4 - UK8 [free size]) + Rubi sandals
Original: RM19 + RM15 + RM4 = RM38
NOW: RM30 + RM4 = RM34 (save RM4)

Combo 13: 2 The Body Shop Bar Soap (Satsuma and Strawberry) + The Body Shop Cassis Rose EDT + 2 The Body Shop Born Lippy (Strawberry and Raspberry)
Original: RM9 + RM9 + RM20 + RM17 + RM17 + RM4 = RM56
NOW: RM50 + RM4 = RM54 (save RM2)
*highly recommended, as they are all brand new and I bet you can't get this price from The Body Shop*

Combo 14: Label X pink tank with details (UK6 - small UK10) + Label X mini cardigan with sequins (free size) + Valley Girl polka dot shorts (AUS 12, large UK10)
Original: RM12 + RM20 + RM40 + RM4 = RM76
NOW: RM66 + RM4 = RM70 (save RM6)

Combo 15: Label X one piece purple dress (free size ; UK6 - small UK10) + Vincci casual wedges (size 6)
Original: RM30 + RM20 + RM4 = RM54
NOW: RM41 + RM4 = RM45 (save RM9)

Combo 16: Guess Black Basic Halter Sexy Back Long Top/Dress + Guess handbag +Voir Ribbon Espadrilles
Original: RM55 + RM135 + RM29 = RM219
NOW: RM199 (save RM20)

Combo 17: Label X Butterfly Printed Smocked Dress + Topshop Romper Dress + AiLY sandals
Original: RM25 + RM35 + RM20 + RM4 = RM84
NOW: RM70 + RM4 = RM74 (save RM10)

Combo 18: Silkygirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara in Black + JayJays Roll On Eyeshadow (White and Grey) + NaturaleLash + KissMe liquid eyeliner pen
Original: RM10 + RM9 + RM5+ RM35 + RM4 = RM63
NOW: RM55 + RM4 = RM59 (save RM4)

Combo 19: JayJays Mascara Flutter in Light Glitter + VolumeLash + Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage + L'oreal Contour Khol in Navy
Original: RM7 + RM5 + RM22 + 15 + RM4 = RM53
NOW: RM41 + RM4 = RM45 (save RM8)

Combo 20: Pearl (1 pair) [2 pairs available] + Diamond (1 pair) [2 pairs available] + Blytheye Brown Lens in -2.50
Original: RM5 + RM5 + RM25 + RM4 = RM39
NOW: RM31 + RM4 = RM35 (save RM4)


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