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Brand New: Label X Green Floral Dress

Here, I now present you a really cute dress! It's smocked, and plus, its quite 'down to earth' dress as well. So green. &we shall goo greeeeeen!


Some brown beads and adjustable straps (by tying).

May I make a note here, this dress is pretty short so it's more suitable for petites.

It'll make you look cute, really XD

For those lucky tall ones, you can wear this as a top. Pair it with tights or leggings and there you go :) Make sure its black =)

Also to note, this is brand new.

I bought this thinking I would look good in this but nahhh, I don't dare to show my skin and I seldom wear dress. Plus smocked dresses don't suit me.

Got it at around RM40~?



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