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Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

Announcement: Super awesome announcement & reviewed!

Please read.

As of 25th September 2011,

1. Postage fee has been revised by us from RM6 with additional charges depending on weight to a flat rate of RM4. So, no matter how heavy or how light your items are, you'll only need to pay RM4 for postage.

2. We are now here to give you other awesome stuffs besides pre-loved, which is pre-order! Our pre-order range is believed to have wider range as time comes, where each issue will be released every fortnightly, and will be updated fortnightly in every album. So check them all out. The newest will always be at the bottom.

3. 5 days till the last day of free postage, but good news: free postage (PosLaju) has extended to 5th October 2011, provided the total amount is RM19 and above :)

4. We've been reviewed by Read My Lips!

Thanks a lot RML! :)

5. If you purchase more than 3 items, you're entitled to a complimentary item and a mystery gift.

6. If you want free postage from shopping with us, then spend RM80 and above for preloved items, RM100 and above for pre-order items, RM90 and above for a mixture of preloved and pre-order items.

7. If you're Spend It Cheap's every 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, nth customer, you're entitled to either a free postage or 10% off the bill (excluding postage) of the customer's choice. As of 25th September, someone will be the lucky one to be the 10th as we're reaching the first 10th very soon!

8. Also, we don't mind if you're no longer interested in purchasing whatever you've asked for, but please let us know, at least you're not wasting our time. Of course not after you've confirmed your order. Do let us know if you want to extend the deadline as well, this is specially for serious buyers. Any emails will definitely be replied within 24 hours unless stated otherwise.

9. Sold items will be removed for easy viewing.

10. Some items are up for further markdowns (

11. Happy shopping girls xx


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