SALE! :) :)

I see the smile on your face :)

#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.

Reviewed: Blogshops Reviewer

We were reviewed by Read My Lips recently and yes, we were reviewed by Blogshops Reviewer as well! :)

Thanks a lot Blogshops Reviewer!


Again girls, to remind all of you:

1) postage charge of minimum RM6 depending on weight has changed to flat rate of RM4

2) complimentary item of customer's choice will only apply to customer who purchase more than 3 items

3) prices are only negotiable for pre-loved items (3 items and above)

4) free shipping till 5th of October 2011 :)

Items reviewed:

1. Label X Pink Tank with Details - RM12
2. Valley Girl Polka Dot Shorts - RM40
3. Label X Ruffled Dress Printed with Clincher - SOLD
4. Label X Jenny Polka Dot Dress - RM29


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