SALE! :) :)

I see the smile on your face :)

#1: Combinations
#2: Slashed
#3: Clearance

Look out for more sales coming up!

P/S: do inquire for item's availability! most of them are reserved! &some sold items are kept in posts for memories sake.


Hello everyone!

So sorry for the hiatus but schedule squeezed no time for us to upload new items, etc.

Do wait for our return in mid-July!

We promise you NEW items, NEW layout, NEW style!

There'll be another album for pre-order accessories, where supplies are gotten elsewhere, & it'll be a little more pricey. Definitely nicer than the normal ones that doesn't cost more than RM15-RM20! :)

Like our Facebook page today! LINK

Clearance sale still going on!

1st piece at 5%, 2nd consecutive pieces at 10% each.

as for accessories etc, buy 3 items & more to get postage free! :D

iPhone covers

We manage to bring in some really cute iPhone covers for you iPhone users! LINK TO ALBUM

Some of them are spotted at a way higher price elsewhere so here is where you should get your casings from! :)

Nail art supplies

Don't know where else to get your nail art supplies? Get it here too, it's brand new, & awesome!

Nothing costs more than RM20 with 1200 rhinestones & case :) LINK TO ALBUM


How could we ever forget from where we started off? PRELOVED ITEMS! :) Some of them are brand new & were untouched. Grab 'em to be yours today :)

Also, for other stuffs, rewear them & take good care of them as they were loved dearly & now I won't touch them. They need new owners that will love them as much.

Some of them are still right here in this blog under PRELOVED: tags on posts, and some of them are here: LINK TO ALBUM

Pre-order accessories
[Batch 5 is still opened, till 30th June 2011 at 5pm!]

Some of the accessories are too kawaii for you to not resist its awesomeness.

Accessorize yourself with gorgeous accessories :)

More items will be added soon! LINK TO ALBUM

As for now, enjoy the collection!


Thank you so much girlies for supporting us X

Without you, we won't be surviving till today!

& also thank you so much for the understanding you've given us for the delay, etc.

What's new?

1. Our first anniversary is coming, hint hint.

2. More items will come in after mid July :)

3. Spend RM100 & above in a single transaction to get an instant 5-10% rebate :) exclusive of postage.

4. Stay gorgeous X


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